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What's the warranty on my items?

We guarantee service quality by submitting our products to a high standard of quality control. We guarantee that our products comply with Italian and European Union (EU) standards where applicable. The warranty covers all products on the market for t

Is my product authentic?

To verify the product's authenticity, simply scan the QR code on the inside label with your camera (Apple) or a dedicated app (Android). You are therefore redirected to the online page containing your product's manufacturing details. If there is no Q

How to interpret the washing label?

Wash. Dry. Iron. If you need further assistance please check the other questions or Contact us

What the letters next to the numbers mean?

Many Sebago styles have different types of fits; we indicate the fits with a letter next to the shoe size, for example: 43|R. Find below all fits. If you need further assistance please check the Other questions or Contact us